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The most common reasons for avoiding nail trims are that the owner is afraid of “quicking” the dog, or that the dog fusses and creates bad feelings around the procedure. Nail cutting becomes an event surrounded by angst and drama. For very active dogs who run all day long on varied surfaces, cutting nails may not be necessary. High mileage wears them down naturally. But for the English Bulldog, excessively long toenails are more common than not.    Learn how: Click here

How to trim your dog's toenails

NEW YORK (AP) -- The American Kennel Club is releasing its 2014 breed popularity rankings on Thursday. They show Labrador retrievers reigned as the nation's top dog for the 24th year. They broke poodles' decades-old record in 2013.
But bulldogs have hit a new high: No. 4. Their smaller, bat-eared cousins, French bulldogs, sauntered into the top 10 for the first time in nearly a century. They're now No. 9. German shepherds, golden retrievers and beagles are holding their own in the top five. Yorkshire terriers, poodles, boxers and Rottweilers fill out the top 10.  Dachshunds slipped from 10th to 11th.
The AKC doesn't release raw numbers, only rankings. They reflect puppies and other newly registered dogs.

English Bulldogs have hit a new high: No. 4

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Read all about caring for your new English bulldog once you get your baby home. There are tips on what to keep on hand and in the medicine chest.  There are also tips on feeding and grooming and lots more.  Click here